API Gateway

Advantages of API Gateway for managing SSL

By | Date posted: February 3, 2014

Through SSL (SSLv3, TLS v1.1/1.2), API Gateways such as Forum Sentry rapidly secure your APIs that shuttle XML, JSON, HTML, SOAP and Big Data.  API Gateways typically sit in front of  your IT components such as web servers, application servers, ESBs and message queues.

Although most infrastructure components have SSL facilities that can be configured, however, enabling such facilities pose the following issues for enterprises:
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Buy vs. Build: Application Security Solutions

By | Date posted: January 26, 2014

In the world of application security, there are numerous options in the marketplace for both buying and building. Purchasing a centralized API security solution isn’t cheap but it can be less expensive than building your own, depending on your situation. There are three primary factors that will help determine the best approach for your organization:  (i) The number of application security policies needed  (ii) The nature of your applications  (iii) Resources and timing.  In this blog post, we will look at these three critical factors in detail to help you determine which API security path is best for you.

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