Forum Sentry Secure AMQP Proxy

“With the rapid shift toward cloud-based services and the Internet of Things, there is a strong need for an open, standard messaging protocol for sending and receiving secure reliable messages between devices on the Web. AMQP is well suited to support a wide variety of messaging applications and communication patterns. It is encouraging to see numerous interoperable implementations of AMQP across the industry, including Microsoft Azure Service Bus, which supports AMQP 1.0 for a variety of scenarios. As an international standard, AMQP can now be more easily adopted across the globe.”

– Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Cloud and Enterprise Group, Microsoft

What Is AMQP?

AMQP provides a platform-agnostic method for amqp-logotransporting information among applications, organizations, within mobile infrastructures, and across the Cloud. AMQP is used in real-time communications such as financial trading, transportation, smart grid, and B2B communications. AMQP is displacing vendor-specific JMS implementations that impose a single-vendor propriety solution approach to an open sourced, cost-effective, multi-vendor ecosystem that is transforming the way business is done in the Cloud and over the Internet.

“As a long-term contributor to the development of AMQP, Red Hat is pleased to see AMQP 1.0 released as an International Standard by ISO/IEC JTC1 thereby facilitating adoption across national boundaries. We support AMQP 1.0 in our products and see it being used in a wide range of scenarios from traditional enterprise messaging to cloud-based applications and Internet of Things. We look forward to continue working with the community to promote AMQP-based interoperability and innovation.”

– Dr. Mark Little, Vice President, Middleware Engineering, Red Hat 

The Cost of Innovation: Security

puzzleIn a world where business and connections to information are challenged to be done as quickly and cost effectively as possible the question arises of is the information being shared secure? The adoption of AMQP by enterprise business have provided a vendor neutral, cost effective, open source solution that allows for ease of communication and the exchange of data across network boundaries.

But, with more business adopting AMQP protocols to traverse information boundaries and cloud integration schemes, security requirements can be a hindrance to the ability to realize the full potential of AMQP integration capabilities. This is driven both by industry data privacy and data security requirements, and internal risk mitigation and information assurance requirements.


Secure AMQP Proxy with Forum Sentry

Forum Sentry API Security Gateway provides the seamless capability of securing in-line AMQP communication via a built-in AMQP proxy. The AMQP security features provided include protocol security, payload security, and protocol mixing capability.

  • Protocol Security:  AMQP communications can be established via industry-certified FIPS 140-2 and NDPP compliant PKI security including TLS 1.2 support
  • Message Security:  AMQP communications can be encrypted and signed at the message level, or selective granular components of the message, to ensure integrity and privacy of the message exchanges.
  • Protocol Mixing:  AMQP communications can be translated into other protocol formats such as HTTP, JMS, or SFTP. This enables robust integration capabilities that can integrate components that are not yet AMQP compatible.

The Forum Sentry security gateway provides vendor neutral, code-free policy-based solutions with legacy and modern systems having varying message formats and varying protocols to all be able to securely interoperate within an AMQP communication scheme with minimal impact.



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