API Security Management

API Security Management is essential for Enterprise-class APIs

Without API Security, companies that expose or access APIs are vulnerable to exploits. API Security provides protection for communication channels that in most cases are the primary path for data exchange. As you grow so do the number of partners that transact with API Security Management should be  the most critical part of your enterprise infrastructure.




API Security is usually an afterthought for API Management and Integration platforms. Traditionally API management has focused on the analytics, monitoring, and lifecycle of their API’s. Creating a well-planned strategy and reliable infrastructure in exposing enterprise services as APIs is impossible without also addressing the API Security challenges related to exposing these services. The best monitoring and design solution will be of little benefit if the enforcement component is insecure and can be compromised.

Ensuring that infrastructure (and data) is secure is the premise of API Security Management and the three concepts that form its fundamental reasoning:

API Security Management Features
  • Identity Federation and SSO 
    • Seamlessly implement Federation, Access Control, and SSO with minimal impact on clients or back-end services
    • Combine identity with payload attributes for multi-context and multi-factor authentication
    • Built-in support for all modern IdM systems, PKI, and identity formats
  • API Security 
    • Build logical APIs with protocol-break, deep-content inspection, and bi-directional information assurance
    • Modern information security combining content-aware cyber-security intrusion, data leakage protection, antivirus, access control, and PKI cryptography
    • SLA enforcement with real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Cloud Integration 
    • Point-and-click policy enablement to integrate any combination of SOAP, XML, REST, and JSON transaction paradigms.
    • Designed by intent to integrate the broadest spectrum of client and server technologies as a seamless intermediary
    • Supports all cloud and mobile messaging and protocol standards.

Security by design principle

Forum-LogoAt Forum Systems, API Security Management is our focus. We provide off-the-shelf API Security Gateway technology to create code-free APIs enabling secure access to complex enterprise applications. Many organizations tend to underestimate the potential security challenges of opening up their API’s particularly in the modern era of cyber-attacks that continue to be more sophisticated and damaging. Although enterprises realize the importance of API management, their primary focus needs to shift toward API Security Management to ensure their assets are protected against threats that can not only disrupt your business but could compromise your entire architecture and company perception.

Our flagship API gateway has always provided mission critical large scale solutions with an emphasis on the principle of “security by design”, meaning that security forms an integral foundation and was not added later as an afterthought.


The Forum Sentry Gateway Solution

Helmet embossThe Forum Sentry API security gateway enables code-free building of APIs to integrate legacy and modern systems, connect cloud and mobile technologies, and extend business applications and services securely beyond the enterprise border.

For 15 years, the Forum Sentry API Gateway Solution has maintained a 100% deployment success rate for every technology deployment with U.S. Federal agencies, foreign governments and global enterprises, providing secure integration across channels, applications and infrastructure. Our dedication to our product success is unmatched in the industry and our deployment success is a testament to the capabilities of the product technology and the support infrastructure behind it.

Recognized by KuppingerCole as the Only API Management Vendor “with a Primary Focus on Security” and an overall leader in both product and leadership categories in their Leadership Compass: API Security Management, Forum Sentry has been adopted worldwide to processes over 10 billion transactions per day in complex mission-critical environments.

Forum Sentry is available as a FIPS 140-2 hardware appliance, a VMWare virtual image or as software for Linux, Solaris, or Windows.