SSL Gateway

SSL Gateway

SSL processing without OpenSSL


Load balancers and Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) use OpenSSL as their core component for SSL processing. With OpenSSL Heartbleed, a 2-year long, unprotected exposure recently discovered in all load balancers, SSL processing in ADCs is no longer a viable option for security minded companies. A dedicated SSL processing layer is necessary. HTTPS and FTPS traffic can be load balanced using classic load balancers, however, the SSL termination and initiation should only be addressed by a dedicated, OpenSSL-free, SSL proxy such as Forum Sentry.


Security-First Mindset

Unlike Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) that have evolved from their core speeds-and-feeds traffic management functions to add SSL processing via a bolt-on OpenSSL library, Forum Sentry is built without OpenSSL and with a security-first vision. Corporations can no longer afford to use vulnerable products for SSL processing that are assembled with a bolt-on mindset.


Extensive PKI Management

Public-private key generation, certificate enrollment, key revocation, and certificate revocation list (CRL) updates are crucial PKI management functions to keep SSL processing secure. Using a dedicated security device that does not use OpenSSL for any security functions is crucial for maintaining a strong security posture. Forum Sentry provides extensive, OpenSSL-free, PKI management for enterprise-class security.


Granular Cryptographic control

Not all cryptographic operations are created equal. Forum Sentry provides granular control and choice of cryptographic algorithms for SSL termination and initiation. Your organization can choose which cipher suites to use and which ones to turn off.


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    Reducing Load Balancers exposure to OpenSSL Heartbleed


  • Data moving between your company and the your partners, customers and cloud providers must be protected with military-grade security. As your enterprise increases its integration, the attack surface area increases along with the risk of corporate data leaks. Using Forum Sentry, your corporation can protect against emerging threats, deploy world-class data privacy, enforce data integrity, and ensure that every corporate transaction is accounted for.

    Threat Mitigation

    • XML/JSON Firewall
    • Web App Firewall
    • Rate-Based Rules
    • Size-Based Rules
    • Embedded AV Engine
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Intrusion Detection Prevention (IDP)
    • Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

    Transaction Privacy

    • XML/JSON Encryption
    • WS-Security Encryption
    • Symmetric Encryption
    • RSA
    • DSA
    • ECC
    • TLS 1.2

    Transaction Integrity

    • XML/JSON Signatures
    • WS-Security Signatures
    • DSIG Verification
    • X.509 Authentication
    • XSD Schema Validation
    • XSD Tightening
    • JSON Validation
    • Timestamp Validation
    • HTML Form Validation


    • X509
    • PKCS #1,7,8,12
    • OpenPGP
    • SSH
    • Key Import
    • Key Generation
    • CSR, Self-Sign
    • HSM Security World
    • OID Extraction
    Forum Sentry provides a flexible identity platform that lets your corporation rapidly utilize a variety of identity tokens. From social media and cloud-based OAuth tokens to hardened 2-Factor Authentication, Forum Sentry enables code free authentication, authorization, and access control capabilities for rapidly enabling secure data exchange.

    Message-Based Tokens

    • SAML
    • OAuth
    • OpenID Connect
    • JWT
    • DSIG
    • WS-Username
    • WS-Kerberos
    • WS-SAML
    • WS-X509

    Protocol-Based Credentials

    • HTTP Basic
    • HTTP Digest
    • HTTP Form Post
    • HTTP Cookie
    • SSL X.509 Client Auth
    • REST URI

    Access Control

    • Central Authorization
    • XACML
    • Database
    • IdP and SP-Initiated schemes
    • Native Identity Adapters
    • Intelligent Caching
    • Patented Cryptographic Acceleration


    • Cookie Consumption
    • Cookie Generation
    • Cookie Tracking
    • IdP and SP-Initiated SSO Schemes
    • WS-Federation
    • SAML
    • OAuth
    • STS
    • Credential Persistence
    Forum Sentry API Gateway is designed to securely integrate clients and services, both modern and legacy, with comprehensive standards built in for optimal interoperability. Leveraging over 14 years in the industry, the Forum Sentry API Gateway inspects and analyzes transaction attributes in the request and response to enable policy-based enforcement. These attributes include: HTTP methods, protocol headers, message data, X.509, IdM attributes, and other dynamic attributes. This enables contextual decisions to be based on HTTP methods such as POST and GET, as well as contextual methods such as URIs, message data content, and any other attribute source. The integration features also enable API-based message enrichment where workflows, data transformation, and APIs can be extended via scripting and service aggregation capabilities.


    • XML, SOAP
    • HTML, JSON
    • AS2, ebXML
    • SAML, WS-Federation
    • XML-Sec, WS-Sec
    • WSDL, XSD
    • WS-Trust, XACML
    • WS-Addressing
    • WS-Reliable Messaging
    • WS-Policy, UDDI
    • XPath
    • XSLT

    Data Mapping

    • SOAP-to-REST Conversion
    • Attribute Mapping
    • Protocol and Message Mapping
    • Identity Token Conversion
    • Data Aggregation
    • Node Encoding and Conversion
    • Transformation
    • Header, Body & Attribute Identification
    • X.509 Attribute Mapping
    • Database Mapping
    • IdM Mapping (LDAP, AD, etc.)
    • API & SOA Data Repository Integration
    • URI Mapping


    • SSL / TLS
    • IBM MQ
    • Tibco EMS
    • Oracle JMS
    • Sun JMS
    • Active MQ, Rabbit MQ
    • Solace JMS
    • AMQP
    • SMTP


    Forum Sentry provides you with granular, real-time and accurate view into your corporations transactions with your customers and partners. With extensive logging, reporting and SLA enforcement capabilities, Forum Sentry can control traffic pattern between your application, cloud providers and users. With extensive throttling and alerting capabilities, Forum Sentry ensures that you are in direct and immediate control of your API traffic.


    • API Traffic Reporting
    • Rates and Size Statistics
    • Latency and Throughput
    • Message Throttling and Shaping
    • Threshold Alerts
    • Enforcement time windows


    • AI Machine Learning Log format
    • SNMP v3
    • JMX
    • SOAP Logging
    • Database Logging
    • Customized logging

    Transaction Accountability

    • Archiving
    • Logging
    • Reporting
    • Monitoring
    • SNMP
    • JMX
    • Custom Alerts


    • MySQL
    • IBM DB2
    • Oracle Database
    • Microsoft SQL Server


    Versatile technology form factors allow you to deploy Forum Sentry in any computing ecosystem, including on-premise, in the cloud, or within docker containers.

    License Types

    • Production
    • UAT
    • Test/Dev
    • Node

    Duration Types

    • Perpetual
    • Subscription

    Usage Variants

    • Elastic (Flex+)
    • Elastic (Flex)
    • Instance