Broadcom Buys CA: What the Deal Means for CA API Gateway Users

Last week, Broadcom announced its intent to acquire CA Technologies for nearly $19 billion. The news left Wall Street watchers incredulous and bewildered. Some analysts wondered about the two companies’ “business synergies,” while others questioned the “strategic logic” driving the deal.

As for us, what we’re most concerned about is the very thing that continues to drive our business: you, the end user.

Like Broadcom, CA has a reputation as a serial acquirer. Thus far in the 2010s, the software behemoth has executed M&A transactions of nearly 20 tech companies, including the likes of ITKO and Layer 7. So, with the latter now subsumed into the CA API Gateway, where does that leave customers faced with near-certain product end-of-life (EOL)?

API Gateway technology requires constant innovation to adapt to the changing landscape of technology. With acquisitions, there is always the combination of risks from the exodus of engineers to the divestment of assets and resources not central to the acquirer’s business model. Innovation plummets and customers are then left with aging technology that either becomes EOL or needs to be replaced anyway because it is no longer relevant.

The Forum Systems Replacement Program

For years, Forum Systems has offered a robust API Gateway replacement program for Cisco, Axway and IBM Datapower users dealing with product EOL. Now, CA API Gateway customers can also select our award-winning Forum Sentry API Security Gateway and enjoy Forum Systems’ renowned “Replacement Guarantee,” which includes:

  • Seamless Migration: 100% of business-critical functionality will be supported without disruption.
  • Comprehensive Protection: APIs will be secured by the industry’s only NIST FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria NDPP certified API Security Gateway.
  • No Coding or Hardware Changes: No client-side or server-side changes are required.
  • Industry-leading TCO: Businesses will realize a significantly higher ROI than they achieve with their current API Gateway solution.

Forum Sentry: The API Security Gateway Gold Standard

For more than 15 years, Forum Systems has been the security foundation in global network architectures. Forum Sentry processes and secures 10+ billion transactions per day worldwide for U.S. federal agencies and foreign governments/agencies, as well as enterprises in the financial services, energy, telecommunications, healthcare, and transportation industries.

Featuring industry-first patented cryptographic acceleration of security processing, Forum Sentry serves as an information broker deployed as a logical API protecting applications and services. Architected on “security-first” design principles, it precludes clients from directly accessing application and services tiers. This unmatched level of security prevents identity compromise and enables SSO authentication and session management achievement – without code changes or manipulation to backend systems.

To learn more about Forum Sentry and our CA API Gateway replacement program, please visit: or contact us at