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Forbes: How AI will Disrupt the Health Insurance Industry

Watch Bill Fandrich, EVP of Technology and Operations at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, speak at MIT’s Imagination In Action’s ‘Forging the Future of Business with AI’ Summit about the ways the healthcare industry is working to leverage AI in its day-to-day operations.

Check out the Gartner® Quick Answer: How Can U.S. Payers Overcome Consumer-Centric Product Complexity to Grow Revenue?

From the research: “Legacy-supported technologies restrict speed to market in delivering these types of products. They are tedious, burdensome and error-prone, making configuration and management of products challenging — not just for your IT organization but for your business stakeholders as well. Thus, it is essential that your technology be nimble enough to quickly identify, configure and deploy different consumer-centric product and benefit combinations for your current purchasers and when seeking net new membership growth.”

We believe securely integrating LLMs with current benefit configuration workflows will enable healthcare payers the flexibility and speed to create consumer-centric products as recommended by the research.

We appreciate being included as a Representative Vendor for our health benefit and product configuration offerings. 

Click here for complimentary access to the research.

Simplified User Experience

Easy to implement and provision. Hundreds of pre-built templates provide out-of-the box solutions to API workflows and Zero Trust Security principles.

Rapid Deployment

Technology deploys within minutes with no coding required. Integrates with existing infrastructure for maximum interoperability and minimum disruption.

Secure Product Architecture

Security and breach prevention start with the technology enforcing the policies. Our technology is certified and proven secure.

Customer Driven Innovation

Customer driven roadmap with active product engineering to ensure cutting-edge capabilities and use case deployment success.

Deploy in any computing environment

Cloud and On-Premise form factors includes Amazon Image, Azure Image, VMWare Image, Docker Image, Windows and Linux software, and custom-designed hardware appliances.

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Industry Leading API Gateway Innovation

Not all API Gateways are made the same.  Other API Gateway vendors have built their solutions on toolkits and frameworks.  We have built our API Gateway on a secure product foundation which provides the ability to deploy API Gateway capabilities anywhere in your network, both on-premise and in the cloud, with the confidence that the API Gateway will not be compromised.  We invite you to see for yourself what Forum Sentry can do to simplify and secure your architecture.

Transport Security

Protocol break Built-in PKI engine FIPS 140-2 TLS 1.2 ciphers Protocol translation

Message Security

Bi-directional transaction correlation Full payload contextual analysis

Threat Mitigation

AV and malware scanning OWASP top 10 protection RegEx pattern engine Rate and size SLA control

Data Integrity

Request and response schema validation DSIG and DSIG Verification

Data Privacy Assurance

Encryption and Decryption Data encoding or redaction

Authentication and SSO

Conversion of any-to-any PKI Auth, HTTP Auth, SAML, OAuth, OpenID Custom identity token

Data Translation

Header and Body mapping Conversion of XML, JSON Transformation


Machine Learning META Data Format AI Logs Full context transaction logging

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