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Built-in support for all MuleSoft API critical business features

  1. Our specialists will assist you with all steps in the migration process.
  2. 100% of API functionality will be supported without disruption.
  3. Your API solution will be secured by proven API Security technology to protect you from cyber-attacks.
  4. Your API architecture footprint will be more agile and more performant.
  5. You will no longer have per-API, per-vCore, or per-Transaction costs.

graph_claw Simplify and Compress Common Services Architecture

The goal of eliminating MuleSoft vCores from the footprint dramatically simplifies and compresses your common services architecture.  By eliminating most of the vCores, a Sentry solution is able to consolidate the API processing.  Furthermore, you will eliminate redundancy of the existing orchestration across MuleSoft vCores, and eliminate pass-through processing costs.

money_refund Reduce Development and Testing Costs

The creation of a more agile and compact architecture footprint will reduce the risk posture of the overall environment which also translates to order of magnitude reductions in development, log, and error handling, and test coverage costs at unit test, acceptance test, and system test levels.

chart_area Increase Performance and Reliability

Forum Sentry is purpose-built for high-volume, low latency transaction processing and is profoundly more performant than MuleSoft when operating at scale.   Taking advantage of these Sentry capabilities will eliminate redundant processing and unnecessary networking hops with improved API reliability from reduced latency, higher throughput, and more robust centralized error handling.

shield Enhance Security

Forum Sentry provides a built-in PKI engine which is designed to centrally manage keys.  This makes the key lifecycle management much simpler and also eliminates the audit and maintenance headaches imposed by MuleSoft which requires keystores to be deployed individually in code for every JVM/API.    Similarly, database connection security paradigms are simplified by centralizing DB security in Sentry rather than managing and maintaining crypto libraries in code for every JVM/API.

server_to_client Improve Auditing

Forum Sentry provides an unparalleled monitoring and logging engine to monitor and log API transactions and break down the information into API Meta Data properties including latency metrics that enable you to see clearly and centrally all of API calls and easily diagnose any issues within the API ecosystem.

toolbox Seamless Replacement, No Business Disruption

Forum Sentry is a leading API technology and provides the full suite of capabilities of the MuleSoft API Product with built-in support for all API product features of MuleSoft.

With any Forum Systems replacement purchase, our team will assist in the migration effort and ensure seamless switch to Sentry technology with no business disruption.

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