Replace your CA API Gateway

Guaranteed Improvement on Cost and Capability by moving to Forum Sentry API Security Gateway

CA is now Broadcom.

Tired of divestment and dilution for your critical API Security technology?

Forum Systems Replacement Guarantee

Built-in support for all CA API Gateway critical business features


  1. 100% of business critical functionality will be supported without disruption
  2. Your API solution will be secured by FIPS 140-2 and NDPP compliant API Security Gateway Technology and better protect you from cyber-attacks
  3. No changes will be required on the client-side or server-side
  4. 5 year ROI will be lower than your current solution

Seamless Replacement, No Business Disruption

Forum Sentry is a FIPS 140-2 and NDDP certified technology which provides the full suite of capabilities of the CA API Gateway.   Whether you are using your CA API Gateway for Cloud, Mobile, B2B, Web Portals, or IoT devices, Forum Sentry has you covered with built-in API and IAM technology components.

Forum Sentry has built-in support for all critical business product features of the CA API Gateway with no coding required.

With any Forum Sentry replacement purchase, our team will assist in the migration effort and ensure seamless switch to Forum Systems technology with no business disruption.


  • Forum Systems Divider

    Forum Sentry API Security Gateway


    checkbox FIPS 140-2 and NDPP Secure OS and Architecture

    checkbox Over 100 built-in messaging standards

    checkbox Built-in Identity, Security, and Integration

    checkbox Built-in Monitoring and Analytics

    checkbox Built-in Cloud Brokering

    checkbox Built-in policy automation and auto-provisioning