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Simplify, Modernize, and Secure your Architecture

Forum Sentry API Gateway provides the most comprehensive set of built-in capabilities to manage, secure, and modernize your applications and services.   Integrated technology includes API Management, API Security, Multi-Factor Authentication, Continuous Authentication, SSO,  Transformation, Integration Adapters, AI Logging, and Zero Trust Policy Enforcement. 

Universal cloud and on-premise form factors includes Amazon Image, Azure Image, VMWare Image, Docker Image, Windows and Linux software, and custom-designed hardware appliances.  Hundreds of pre-built templates enable deployment of common industry use-cases within minutes.  Forum Sentry has a 100% deployment success track record with our customers.

  • API Cyber-Security Protection

  • API Data Transformation

  • API Data Leakage Protection

  • API AV Scanning

  • API TLS Acceleration

  • API Access Control

  • API Mobile and Cloud Security

  • API Encryption


  • API Data Filtering

  • API Protocol Conversion

  • API Monitoring

  • API Legacy Enablement

  • API Continuous Authentication

Industry Leading API Gateway Innovation

Not all API Gateways are made the same.  Other API Gateway vendors have built their solutions on toolkits and frameworks.  We have built our API Gateway on a secure product foundation which provides the ability to deploy API Gateway capabilities anywhere in your network, both on-premise and in the cloud, with the confidence that the API Gateway will not be compromised.  We invite you to see for yourself what Forum Sentry can do to simplify and secure your architecture.

Transport Security

Protocol break Built-in PKI engine FIPS 140-2 TLS 1.2 ciphers Protocol translation

Message Security

Bi-directional transaction correlation Full payload contextual analysis

Threat Mitigation

AV and malware scanning OWASP top 10 protection RegEx pattern engine Rate and size SLA control

Data Integrity

Request and response schema validation DSIG and DSIG Verification

Data Privacy Assurance

Encryption and Decryption Data encoding or redaction

Authentication and SSO

Conversion of any-to-any PKI Auth, HTTP Auth, SAML, OAuth, OpenID Custom identity token

Data Translation

Header and Body mapping Conversion of XML, JSON Transformation


Machine Learning META Data Format AI Logs Full context transaction logging

Download Forum Sentry Datasheet

2021 Kuppinger Cole Leadership Compass - API Management & Security

Modernize with No Coding

  • Integrate to any Cloud API without writing code
  • Instantly modernize legacy services 
  • Seamlessly apply protocol and message translation
  • Enable identity and authentication, MFA, and SSO
  • Convert SOAP Services to REST APIs
  • Achieve FIPS 140-2 compliance
  • Achieve IPv6 compliance

Simple Policy Workflows

  • Protocol Handling
  • Message Processing
  • Integrity and Privacy Processing
  • Threat Mitigation
  • MFA and Access Control
  • Translation and Conversion
  • Full Context AI Logging

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