Preventing SSL Threats with an API Security Gateway

SSL/TLS vulnerabilities use weak or improper implementations of SSL and TLS protocol specifications to compromise the communication channels, gain access to private information, and gain unauthorized access to applications and services.

In this video we will show how using an API Security Gateway can prevent this attack.

Forum Sentry API Gateway Tutorial

The Forum Sentry API security gateway enables code-free building of APIs to integrate legacy and modern systems, connect cloud and mobile technologies, and extend business applications and services securely beyond the enterprise border. In this video, you’ll learn some of the administrative features of the Forum Sentry API Gateway.

Achieving Secure Identity Federation

In this video, we will demonstrate how to achieve identity federation in a landscape of existing IdM systems, repositories, directory services, and other user information stores by unifying these capabilities via a federation services architecture tier.
Furthermore, we will show how an enterprise can architect a federation solution to expose standards-based identity capabilities while leveraging existing architecture to reduce cost, and reduce the burden of actual implementation and deployment.

Forum Sentry - Agile API Security

The Forum Sentry API Gateway ensures safe and secure API deployments by using purpose-built technology designed to ensure all aspects of API Security from threat, trust, data leakage, intrusion prevention, malware, integrity, privacy, and auditing.