Public cloud API security: How safe is our data?

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2014-2018 – Has API Security Changed? Yes and No.

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What’s in a (Security) Name? Turns Out, Plenty

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APIs: Risks, Potential and Security Solutions

  “…government is a sector that already takes API security extremely seriously. Governments need APIs to connect together their vast numbers of IT systems and data stores, and to provide their workforces with modern user interfaces, and mobile access. Without … Read More

CSO Review: Protecting API Connections with Forum Sentry

  “The Forum Sentry API Security Gateway goes beyond access control and deep into security, monitoring all the connections that it forms between systems and enforcing very granular security policies.”  — John Breeden II, IDG. … One thing that makes … Read More

The importance of APIs in public cloud security

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Product vs Toolkit – API and IAM Security

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Broadcom Buys CA: What the Deal Means for CA API Gateway Users

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Forum Systems To Exhibit At API World

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The API Security Gold Rush – Network Computing

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