Fraternities and Sororities Nationwide Go to the Head of the Class with OmegaFi and Forum Systems

OmegaFi Leverages Forum Sentry and Forum STS to Deliver High-value, Real-time Services to Greek Fraternal Organizations via Secure, Scalable SaaS Model

LAS VEGAS and BOSTON, Nov. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — GARTNER APPLICATION ARCHITECTURE, DEVELOPMENT & INTEGRATION SUMMIT 2011, BOOTH BForum Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Crosscheck Networks, Inc., today announced that its products are enabling OmegaFi to deliver high-value, real-time services to fraternities and sororities nationwide – via SaaS – with the highest levels of performance, scalability, security, redundancy and availability.

Established in 1992 and headquartered in Columbus, Georgia, OmegaFi partners with highly distributed Greek fraternal organizations to help them achieve long-term operational success. Offering unmatched customer service and support, OmegaFi conducts millions of web transactions per day and has successfully processed almost $2 billion in dues, rents and fees for Greek organizations.

Today’s fraternities and sororities operate like businesses – integrating real-time information from smartphones, laptops and tablets, as well as Facebook. Founded on a mission of helping these distributed Greek fraternal organizations manage operations more efficiently, OmegaFi offers software that streamlines myriad business process activities. Vault helps local chapters manage records, billing and collection, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, and file taxes. Embark helps them manage fundraising and fulfillment campaigns and pledges, as well as prospecting.

Integrating Vault and Embark with other third-party sites (like web content providers) introduced the potential for users to log in multiple times, with distinct usernames and passwords, making navigation much less user-friendly than OmegaFi desired. Driven by a business philosophy of providing high-end software coupled with high-touch customer service, OmegaFi realized it needed a solution to improve its sign-in process.

“Having had several years’ experience (at a prior company) with Forum Systems, and knowing the capabilities of its Forum Sentry API Gateway, we sought the shortest path,” said John Woolbright, CIO of OmegaFi. “After collaborating with us to meet the requirements of a three-month proof of concept project, we selected Forum Systems as our provider of choice for security and federation.”

With Single Sign On (SSO) functionality, Forum Sentry accelerates security and identity exchange. Online content is more rapidly delivered to OmegaFi users, enriching their experience, while OmegaFi enjoys the security and federated identity capabilities it required. Forum Sentry provides for a seamless user experience while protecting private personal information from third parties – including Forum Sentry itself.

Since engaging with Forum, OmegaFi launched Compass, a software package which helps put Greek membership in motion with the national organizations. Architected to reside in a real-time, Internet environment, Compass is tightly integrated with Vault to ensure chapter and national membership records are up-to-date.

Via Facebook integration, when member profiles are updated, that data is federated and instantly pushed to Compass – eliminating the need to maintain information in multiple places. Notably, by introducing functionality including address standardization and Google Maps, Compass is designed to be a powerful, centralized information platform for the Inter/National Headquarters of their Greek clients.

Further enhancing the users’ experience, OmegaFi introduced myOmegaFi. A personalized, end-user definable portal, it aggregates everything a fraternity brother or sorority sister needs to know about his or her organization.

With Forum Sentry, and now Forum STS, enforcing complex identity decisions throughout the entire transaction, users can customize and manage the look and feel of myOmegaFi by dragging and dropping widgets. In addition to navigating Vault, Embark and Compass through myOmegaFi, fraternities and sororities have access to, and can publish, information relevant to their organization including announcements, campaign pledge solicitations, Facebook wall posts and chapter listings.

“We strive to be a nimble company and achieve that objective by engaging with trusted partners like Forum Systems,” said Woolbright. “The company has excellent technology that is easy to manage and maintain. Forum Sentry and Forum STS enable us to deliver high-value, scalable and available services to customers that meet their organizational demands, while ensuring the highest levels of performance, security and redundancy.”

About Forum Systems

Forum Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Crosscheck Networks, Inc., is a leader in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and XML security. Through comprehensive Threat mitigation and Trust enablement, Forum’s family of hardware, software and cloud-based instances provides enterprises and government organizations with the foundation for achieving secure SOA federation. Processing more than one billion transactions per day worldwide, the FIPS- and DoD-certified Forum products offer the industry’s most comprehensive protection against XML- and SOAP-based vulnerabilities. Forum Sentry has been issued an industry-first patent (7,516,333) for XML security functions such as XML Encryption, XML Decryption and XML Signatures using a network appliance. For more information, please visit

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