SSO & Federation

Continuous Authentication, SSO, and Federation

Seamlessly enable SSO for your services and applications.   Token translation and token generation.  Federate across on-premise and the cloud.

Simplify Authentication with Agentless Technlogy

Forum Sentry provides multi-factor authentication and SSO  with built-in adapters that can integrate with any IdM system without the need to deploy a separate identity agent.   With support of virtually every variant of identity token type, you can easily build your authentication schemes that your systems can support.   Furthermore, if you choose to use a different 3rd party solution for MFA and authentication, you can use Forum Sentry to enforce SSO and continuous authentication with simple built-in integration with the IdM solution of choice.

SSO and Identity Federation

SSO is a fundamental requirement in enabling secure enterprise integration and enabling modern and secure API architectures.   However, legacy IAM solutions require significant rip-and-replace efforts with agents and adapters to achieve SSO and Federation.  Forum Sentry provides a much easier approach to achieving SSO with built-in capabilities that can generate SSO tokens as well  as consume and verify SSO tokens.  With support for virtually every identity token format, both legacy, and modern, Forum Sentry can seamlessly provide SSO without the need for deploying agents or adapters.  

Support all variants of identity tokens

Built-in support for token formats enable all architecture components, both modern and legacy, to partipate in the SSO paradigm.

Hybrid On-Premise and Cloud

  • Translates protocols and message formats  to match cloud requirements
  • Unifies external integration points around a central architecture
  • Secures information via FIPS 140-2 and NDDP security technology
  • Provides repeatable and scalable integrations with minimal coding and minimal disruption
  • Supports identity and security standards of both cloud and legacy systems
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A Powerful Identity Solution

Lower costs with no user-based fees. Greatly simplify the architecture by unifying identity capabilities.

Authentication Formats

Conversion of any-to-any HTTP Basic, Form Post, Digest PKI Authentication WS-Security Tokens SAML, OAuth, JWT, OpenID Connect Legacy adaptable custom tokens

Identity Providers (IdP)

SAML Token Service OAuth Token Service WS-Trust STS

Service Provider Initiated (SP)

SAML Web SSO OAuth Redirect Web Redirect User Defined Workflows


2-Factor Authentication (2FA) Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Multi-context Authentication (MCA)


Any SAML profile Any OAuth Grant Type WS-Trust, DSIG


Identity attribute caching Cookie and session management


Transaction audit trail Machine Learning log format

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