API Integration

API Virtualization

Seamlessly Integrate Legacy and Modern Applications | Hybrid Cloud Integrations | Secure API Abstraction

Virtualize and Modernize

  • Integrate to any Cloud API without writing code
  • Instantly modernize legacy services 
  • Seamlessly apply protocol and message translation
  • Enable identity and authentication, MFA, and SSO
  • Convert SOAP Services to REST APIs
  • Achieve FIPS 140-2 compliance
  • Achieve IPv6 compliance

Enable Modern API Access to Legacy Applications

Leverage Forum Sentry and the multitude of embedded capabilities to allow applications and services to be instantly modernized by providing a logical API abstraction layer of Forum Sentry which can provide the translation capabilities to seamless enable your legacy systems and applications to be able to use modern authentication such as SAML and OAuth, and also to be able to present modern APIs where the data is translated automatically. 

Mediation and Transformation

Convert message formats XML, JSON, SOAP, HTML, CSV, FILE Granular data mapping XSLT Processing

Attribute Mapping and Extraction

HTTP Headers Request/Response Message Content (XML, JSON, etc) IdM Repositories (LDAP, AD, etc), Databases, APIs

Protocol Mixing

In-Line conversion of protocols TLS 1.3 HTTP, SFTP, AMQP JMS Database


2-Factor Authentication (2FA) Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Multi-context Authentication (MCA)

Flow Control

Dynamic remote routing Remote system failover Load balancing Redirects

Encoding, Digests, and Strings

BASE64, URL, Hex, Binary Extensible encoding processing URI and Data rewriting

Auditing and Logging

Transaction audit trail Machine Learning log format

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