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Welcome-to-Forum-Systems-BlogWelcome to the Forum Systems corporate Blog! This blog will discuss and examine best practices, industry trends and challenges that organizations face in the XML, SOA, API and mobile gateway security. We will share tutorials, API and SOA how-to’s and specific use cases.

If you are not familiar with Forum Systems, we were founded in May 2001. We are the pioneers of XML gateway technology for secure integration.  Our hardware and software products are used by some of the largest Fortune 1000 organizations for secure transmission, translation, validation and routing of documents.

Forum Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crosscheck Networks, Inc. We are a fully employee-owned company with no VC dependencies. Our core product, Forum Sentry, available in FIPS 140-2 certified hardware, software and cloud images, make modern-day business communications secure by actively protecting and accelerating data exchange.  Forum Sentry provides security, identity and access control and rapid integration to APIs across networks and business boundaries.

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