NFS to Amazon S3 using Forum Sentry Cloud Controller

Forum Sentry Cloud Controller offers a robust NFS listener than enables NFS clients to move files to Amazon S3 and other cloud providers. Whether you need to rotate your log files, backup your customer database, or just scale out to infinite storage in the cloud, Forum Sentry Cloud Controller provides you with the highest access control and encryption functionality to bridge data movement from your application servers to the public cloud.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to setup an NFS listener and connect it to Amazon S3.  You will then learn how to mount and create folders and files from a Linux terminal with the content created in Amazon S3.

We begin with first configuring an NFS listener.  Navigate to GATEWAY–>Network Policies and add a new listener.  The listener wizard will walk you through a set of configuration parameters required for the NFS listener.

As shown in the screen above, an NFS listener policy is setup with unrestricted IP ACLs or password authentication requirements.  It is recommended that such restrictions be enabled in a production environment.NFS-S3-Policy-Forum-Sentry-Cloud-Controller Once the listener is setup, navigate to GATEWAY–>REST Policies and select the NFS listener along with the Remote Policy assembled in Infinite cloud storage scale-out with enterprise IdMs — a tutorial where instead of an NFS listener, an HTTP listener is setup on Forum Sentry Cloud Controller.  Note that in the screenshot above, the Remote URI for the NFS-S3 policy points to a specific bucket, test-myunus, that serves as the mount point.


Now we are ready to mount and create folders and files.  As shown in the screenshot above, the Amazon S3 “root” which is the bucket name (test-myunus), is mounted to /mnt/cloud.  We make a directory myunus and then using dd, copy /dev/zero to testfile.  We also copy a local file to from /home to Amazon S3.  As shown in the screenshot below, both files appear in Amazon S3 under the appropriate folder.FS-Cloud-Controller-Amazon-S3-NFS

Forum Sentry Cloud Controller enables infinite storage scale-out through seamless NFS-based connectivity that can be leveraged from virtually any application server.  With a number of innovative scalability, security, and identity features, Forum Sentry Cloud Controller ensures that your enterprise firmly remains in control of its data while using the elasticity and cost benefits of external cloud storage.