Forum Sentry Tutorial: REST-to-SOAP Conversion

REST-to-SOAP conversion is a common use case for the Forum Sentry API Gateway and can be easily configured with Forum Sentry’s point-and-click interface. Coding or XLST is not required to enable this conversion. 

With the increasing demand for mobile apps to access internal business APIs – which may have been originally built for B2B applications – the ability to easily support REST-to-SOAP conversion is critical for an API Gateway. Mobile app developers typically want to use simple HTTP calls and receive lightweight JSON responses. However, the services these apps need to access are often SOAP / XML based. This is where REST-to-SOAP conversion is required.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to configure a Forum Sentry policy to accept either a SOAP request or a REST call on the same URI for the same remote SOAP API. We have also included a sample Forum Sentry policy (FSG file) and a SOAPSonar project (SSP file) that can be used to the Forum Sentry policy.

There are multiple ways to build REST-to-SOAP conversion policies in Forum Sentry. However, the correct approach really depends on the complexity of the SOAP API, the request formats, etc. This tutorial will show how to configure a simple REST query string to SOAP and SOAP to JSON conversion.

View the complete tutorial, How To: REST to SOAP Conversion. If you have specific questions regarding this tutorial, please contact Forum Systems Support.