Forum Systems Joins AFCEA Community

Since 1946, AFCEA has been bringing together industry experts and government agencies to provide a forum for collaboration that better aligns technology and strategy with the needs of our government and military. AFCEA is widely recognized as a hub for industry innovation and thought leadership, and Forum Systems is excited to announce that we’ve joined the non-profit international organization as an official member.

Known as an ethical forum focused on addressing national and international security challenges, AFCEA hosts an array of networking and educational events focused on cybersecurity, IT, military, intelligence, homeland security and communications. In recent years, Forum has participated in and supported AFCEA’s Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium, which in 2017 brought together leaders from the Defense Information Systems Agency and DoD Chief Information Office to discuss requirements and solutions necessary to defend against cyber threats within the U.S. Defense Department.

Now, as one of AFCEA’s 1,600 corporate partners, Forum Systems has the opportunity to engage with leading minds in government and academia about the continuously evolving technology and security landscape and expected future challenges within the federal government.

Additionally, Forum Systems’ ongoing role about the criticality of API Security is a topic we will continue to exchange insights about within the AFCEA member community. As government agencies look to modernize their IT operations to accommodate advancements in mobile, cloud computing and IoT, secure and scalable API-based architecture solutions need to be top of mind. And an API Security Gateway should be the centerpiece of that security strategy.

We are proud to say that our AFCEA membership underscores an ongoing commitment to serving the public sector with state-of-the-art security solutions. For more than 15 years, Forum Systems’ products have been the security foundation in global network architectures, processing and securing 10+ billion transactions per day for U.S. federal agencies and foreign governments/agencies, as well as global enterprises. Notably, encompassing a security-first approach, Forum Sentry adheres to a rigorous set of certification standards and is the only NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 2 and NIAP Network Device Protection Profile certified gateway.

We look forward to collaborating with the AFCEA community to better influence and transform the future of API security.