Join Us in Orlando! API Security Management: The Fundamentals

APIs are the foundation of architecture design and modernization. Because they serve as building blocks for strategic business enablement, industry leaders have come to understand and realize the full potential of APIs. However, we continue to see instances where security controls are blissfully overlooked.

APIs are not inherently secure, a common misconception. As evidenced by the recent vulnerability discovered at Instagram, it’s undeniable that reliance on API development platforms and legacy security infrastructures exposes APIs to modern threats. The problem often stems from the fact that API developers are not security specialists and API toolkits/API management platforms are not security platforms.

So, when it comes to underprotected APIs, what you don’t know can and will hurt you. Executives and C-suite decision makers aren’t unwilling to learn; rather, they lack an educational forum to do so with their industry peers.

Let’s Talk Basics

Before being able to successfully implement an API Security Management solution, it’s important to review best practices and common deployment scenarios of API Gateways, an essential component of a secure, robust and scalable API infrastructure. Industry professionals can gain a true understanding of the fundamentals of API Security and the value that can be achieved through informative discussions, including:

  • How API-based architectures are changing modern architecture design;
  • Examples of the most common API vulnerabilities and how to defend against them;
  • How to achieve flexible and secure, code-free API integration;
  • Combining identity and data inspection to unify authentication and access control; and
  • How to simplify Identity Federation and extend trust of internal identity management systems to cloud services.

API Security Summit Series: Orlando

As a continuation of our commitment to educating the marketplace about the criticality of API Security, Forum Systems will be bringing its yearlong ‘Summit Series’ to Orlando on November 9 at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel in Florida.

Serving as a collaborative forum for sharing real-world API security strategy and insights, Forum Systems’ CEO Mamoon Yunus and other industry experts will cover sessions including ‘Content- and Context-Based Access Control,’ ‘Migrating to the Cloud in a New API Era’ and ‘Cybersecurity in an API Economy.’  We will also be showcasing our award-winning Forum Sentry API Security Gateway.

For additional event details and to register, please visit:

We hope to see you there!