Intelligent Healthcare Workflow Press Release

Press Release: Forum Systems Launches
Intelligent Healthcare Workflow Practice

Company deepens healthcare expertise to accelerate digital transformation with award-winning API gateway-platform—new machine learning products in development

BOSTON, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Forum Systems, Inc. announces its intelligent healthcare workflow practice. The company—known for its award-winning API Gateway platform, Forum Sentry—sees an opportunity to apply its technological expertise to healthcare. Encouraged by success in partnership with the largest health plan in Michigan, it continues to support deployments already in use as well as re-tool existing products and deploy new, purpose-built solutions.

New care models and regulations are compelling the healthcare industry to adopt technologies that optimize workflows and prioritize interoperability. Forum aims to lower costs for its partners and allow them to maintain a patient-centric approach with its API solutions. The company can enable capabilities for virtually any organization within the healthcare ecosystem—HIEs, MSOs, CAPS, payers, and providers among others—providing powerful pre-packaged tools that deploy in minutes or custom solutions for unique situations. Forum Systems specializes in enabling interoperability across legacy mainframe and modern cloud-based systems via its secure integration API gateway platform.

It enables partners to transmit real-time data in compliance with security and interoperability regulations (such as HL7 FHIR now required by CMS) and provides the necessary analytics-driven architecture to go beyond legal mandates and turn data into actionables. Standardized data collection, storage, and transmission protocols combined with state-of-the-art machine learning tools will lower operational costs, improve health outcomes, and transform patient experiences. Forum believes this is the future of healthcare. 

“With our deep integration, workflow, and machine learning expertise, Forum Systems has delivered significant value by building intelligent workflows that move data within the healthcare ecosystems. Interoperability and transparency are no longer government-driven mandates. In fact, they are the DNA of disruptive healthcare companies,” says Mamoon Yunus, CEO of Forum Systems. Yunus continued: “With Kevin joining the Forum Systems family, we are excited to launch our healthcare practice. His domain knowledge will help us deliver purpose-built solutions in a market where significant disruption in care delivery is already underway.”

To accelerate the pivot into healthcare, Forum Systems is hiring at a rapid pace. Kevin Narine, Forum’s healthcare strategy lead, had this to say: “Having worked in the healthcare industry for five years, I’ve seen firsthand the struggles of collecting relevant data and equipping medical staff with the tools and knowledge to take full advantage of it. New technologies promise exciting new capabilities to get better data and use it to improve patient experience and outcomes. I expect APIs and ML-backed tools, like the ones developed by Forum Systems, will be central to that endeavor. I am thrilled to be part of a company working to bring about the true digital transformation of healthcare which will impact the lives of millions of patients.”

Forum is excited to apply its expertise to the specific challenges of the healthcare industry. It believes healthcare will be improved when organizations can efficiently share data internally and externally and when they can analyze that data with the smartest tools available. And it knows that robust and reliable APIs will be central to the coming revolution in healthcare. Forum Systems partners with healthcare organizations to:

  1. Identify and categorize current workflows—especially focused on pain points and high-impact workflows that could be optimized with technology
  2. Develop Migration Assessments to integrate existing technology or build custom solutions that replace mainframe applications and legacy architecture
  3. Map out a timeline for integration of new technology and a plan to quantify the impact of new workflows for iterative improvement
About Forum Systems

Forum Systems is a leader in intelligent API gateway technology, deep data analytics, and cloud technologies. Forum technology, used by some of the largest global companies for building intelligent business workflows, is certified and secure. Along with industry-leading performance, interoperability, and security, Forum Systems takes pride in its customer-driven innovation and simplified user experience.




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