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HostingAdvice – API Security By Design

“…Application programming interfaces (APIs) — or sets of instructions that allow apps to interact with one another — are popular because they reduce coding time, serve as a consistent baseline for many apps, and help spur innovation. But, as with … Read More

Autonomous Security in Containers

“With the advent of DevOps, the development world has quickly moved to agile development practices and containerized applications. At Forum Systems, we have responded to this trend by putting our API security software, Forum Sentry, into virtual form factors such … Read More

UK public sector is leading the way in cyber-security

  … Cloud First focused minds on protecting public data. If you don’t secure your APIs, you haven’t secured your clouds. It requires dynamic data security where identity and data security are combined…” … Read full article on SC Magazine

API and IAM security – Product vs Toolkit

  … Marketing departments are great at capitalising on the latest industry trends. Whether it’s slapping the ‘cloud’ badge onto their product or putting ‘security’ in their verbiage to appease their customers, it is a common marketing approach to reposition … Read More

Forum Systems Exhibiting at API World 2019 (Booth 115)

Forum Systems will be exhibiting at API World 2019 at Booth #115 taking place at the San Jose Convention Center | San Jose, CA October 8-10, 2019 … Read More

13 data breach predictions for 2019

  …”Data breaches are inevitable at any organization. But what form will those breaches take? How will the attackers gain access? What will they steal or damage? What motivates them to attempt the attacks? CSO has gathered predictions from industry … Read More

API Security Critical to Federal IT Modernization Strategy

  …As Federal agencies seek to incorporate an application programming interface (API) strategy into their IT modernization initiatives, a word of caution: make sure you have API-specific security integrated into your IT infrastructure.   “Modern applications often involve rich client … Read More

Public Cloud API Security Risks: Fact or Fiction?

  …Most cloud services use multi-tenant API gateways (meaning shared across different customers and applications) to identify and verify users, as well as to act as the single point of entry across many disparate APIs. There is an obvious problem … Read More

Public cloud API security: How safe is our data?

  …APIs let applications (and devices) seamlessly connect and communicate. An API can create a seamless flow of data between apps and devices in real time. ProgrammableWeb, a site that tracks more than 15,500 APIs, lists Google Maps, Twitter, YouTube, … Read More

2014-2018 – Has API Security Changed? Yes and No.

Application programming interface (API) security remains a hugely overlooked issue, but Forum Sentry remains on top of its game. Let’s take a trip down memory lane from one glowing 2014 SC Magazine review, to our latest radiant review from CSO’s … Read More