Identity Management

Cloud(ed) Judgment: OneLogin’s Breach Continues to Fuel the Security Debate

When it comes to the next big data breach, it’s never a matter of if, but a discussion of when. This time, the target was identity and access management firm OneLogin, which recently shut down its U.S. data center due … Read MoreRead More

API Identity Management with LDAP Server

Most corporations deploy LDAP severs such as OpenLDAP to store identities used for SSO and API identity management.   Application users authenticate against these LDAP servers to gain access to APIs.  To avoid an intrusive, non-scalable agent-based model — where … Read MoreRead More

Using HTTP Basic Auth for API Identity Management

APIs are proliferating corporate networks. Business owners seek APIs that solve their requirements regardless of whether the APIs are homegrown or provided by 3rd parties. For both cases — internal and external APIs — controls have to be enforced on who gets to use what API. This level of API control requires enabling Identity Management for APIs. … Read More

Users, Groups and ACLs for API Identity Management

Identity management is the cornerstone for building a secure infrastructure that uses internal and 3rd party APIs. By defining users, groups, and access control lists (ACLs), companies can granularly control who gets to use what API-based resource. In this tutorial, we will configure users, groups and ACLs on Forum Sentry API Gateway for authenticating users and authorizing API access. … Read More