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Product Overview

Industry Leading Innovation

 Forum Sentry packs more features as built-in capabilities than any other comparable API Gateway product technology.

  • API Cyber-Security Protection

  • API Data Transformation

  • API Data Leakage Protection

  • API AV Scanning

  • API TLS Acceleration

  • API Access Control

  • API Mobile and Cloud Security

  • API Encryption


  • API Data Filtering

  • API Protocol Conversion

  • API Monitoring

  • API Legacy Enablement

  • API Continuous Authentication

Transport Security

Protocol break Built-in PKI engine FIPS 140-2 TLS 1.2 ciphers Protocol translation

Message Security

Bi-directional transaction correlation Full payload contextual analysis

Threat Mitigation

AV and malware scanning OWASP top 10 protection RegEx pattern engine Rate and size SLA control

Data Integrity

Request and response schema validation DSIG and DSIG Verification

Data Privacy Assurance

Encryption and Decryption Data encoding or redaction

Authentication and SSO

Conversion of any-to-any PKI Auth, HTTP Auth, SAML, OAuth, OpenID Custom identity token

Data Translation

Header and Body mapping Conversion of XML, JSON Transformation


Machine Learning META Data Format AI Logs Full context transaction logging

Universal Administration Across all Form Factors

Seamlessly manage your entire Sentry API deployment architecture with point-and-click policy development and automated policy deployment capabilities. 

AI Logging

Agentless bi-directional transaction audit capture with latency metrics in machine learning format.

Built-In Zero Trust Features

Achieve Zero Trust Architecture by consolidating capabilities and reducing the architecture footprint.  

Legacy Modernization

Embedded capabilities allow applications and services to be instantly modernized by providing a logical API abstraction layer with authentication, security, and data translation.

Industry Leader for API Management and Security

Forum Systems named Market Champion, Market Leader, Overall Leader, Product Leader, and Innovation Leader in KuppingerCole 2021 API Management and Security Leadership Compass for it’s flagship product Forum Sentry.

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