Identity Management

SSO, Access Control, & Role Enforcement

For Web Portals, Mobile Apps, Cloud and SOA Infrastructure

Identity Management

Identity Management is critical for secure connectivity between channels, applications, users, and infrastructure. API connectivity requires application, and user-level authentication and authorization of internal and external services.

Almost all API and SOA interactions require establishing trust between service consumers and producers via identity tokens. Such token come in a variety of formats. Generating and consuming identity tokens for authentication and authorization decisions becomes a critical aspect of SOAP, XML and REST-based communication.

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How to Implement Enterprise SAML SSO


Single Sign On

Single Sign On require users to provide authentication credentials once. For example, once a mobile user signs into an application by providing credentials such as username and password, an identity artifact is created. The artifact is then passed to other applications in a way that the user does not have to provide username and password credentials repeatedly.

Forum Sentry provide extensive functionality for enabling high-performance SSO within your enterprise while utilizing fundamental LDAP-based identity stores. The API gateway can consume and generate a variety of identity token types and map between tokens. Forum Sentry also provides deep integration with a variety of identity stores with the ability to use multiple identity stores simultaneously and replace underperforming identity stores.

  • Protocol Identities: OAuth, Cookies, HTTP Basic Auth, SSL Mutual Auth
  • Message Identities: SAML, Kerberos, WS-UserName, WS-X.509, WS-SAML, Custom artifacts
  • Identity Stores: LDAP, OpenSSO, SiteMinder, Social Media, PingFederate, RSA SecureID

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OAuth is a widely deployed standard for authorization of services provided by SaaS, social media and cloud providers. Through OAuth an entity can provide access to its services to a third party without giving the third party its credentials (such as username and password). Forum Sentry provides extensive OAuth support including:

  • OAuth token consumption and generation
  • OAuth token validation
  • Extensive Redirection capabilities

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