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API Identity Gateway and PEP for On-Premise and Cloud Applications and Services

Forum Sentry Identity Gateway and PEP


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Secure and Simple: API Authentication, SSO, and Federation

The Forum Sentry API Security Gateway is a FIPS 140-2 and NDDP certified technology which provides secure authentication of everything ranging from B2B communications, IoT devices, Web Portals, Mobile Apps, Cloud Services, and REST or SOAP Services.

Sentry provides built-in, seamless, and bi-directional API Identity capability to protect applications and services that you are hosting, as well as for integrating to Cloud APIs and applications.

Sentry offers out-of-the box support for any-to-any identity paradigm including legacy technology identity token translation, and direct integration to virtually every Identity Management (IdM) Repository including LDAP, Active Directory, and Custom Databases.

Sentry is fully customizable to support virtually any identity format and application with seamless conversion of identity tokens from legacy formats to modern formats.

Technical Paper

Cybersecure Identity Policy Enforcement Point

Technical Paper

Code Free API Identity Federation and SSO

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    Forum Sentry API Security Gateway


    checkbox FIPS 140-2 and NDPP Secure OS and Architecture

    checkbox Over 100 built-in messaging standards

    checkbox Built-in Identity, Security, and Integration

    checkbox Built-in Monitoring and Analytics

    checkbox Built-in Cloud Brokering

    checkbox Built-in policy automation and auto-provisioning