API Security

Forum Systems to Host Industry Leaders at API Summit in London

Forum Systems Inc., provider of the industry-leading API security gateway, Forum Sentry, today announced that it will be hosting the fourth annual API Summit on Thursday, March 26 at The Grange St. Paul’s Hotel in London. Led by Forum Systems … Read MoreRead More

Forum Systems CTO to Share Insights into API Security at SC Congress London

Delving into the most pressing technical and corporate dynamics facing organizations deploying effective security while ensuring business integration, Forum Systems Inc.‘ today announced that its Chief Technology Officer, Jason Macy, will be speaking at SC Congress London. His presentation, “Innovate … Read MoreRead More

Webinar: Access Management and Federation for the Agile, Connected Enterprise

Forum Systems and KuppingerCole are hosting a joint webinar on March 10th at 11:00AM EST. In this webinar, Forum Systems’ CTO, Jason Macy and KuppingerCole’s Principal Analyst, Martin Kuppinger, will address the challenges enterprises face as their IT environments are becoming … Read MoreRead More

Why Security Certifications Matter

We recently announced that Forum Sentry is the first and only API gateway to attain compliance with the internationally recognized Network Device Protection Profile (NDPP) certification. We are also the only FIPS- and DoD-certified cloud integration technology in the industry. … Read MoreRead More

Three Federated API Requirements for Enterprise Cloud Computing

Successful enterprise API implementations are built on a set of localized, project-level efforts with services that have clearly identified and accountable business and technology owners. Ownership defines an API domain. Deciding what services are core to a business owner and should … Read MoreRead More

OpenSSL Security Vulnerabilities and other C-based Risks

The latest Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160) is again a re-affirmation that usage of C-based security modules by an enterprise company greatly increases its risk posture. … Read More


Predictions from 2002-2003: Heartbleed = Criminal Negligence

Here is an archived document that Forum Systems published in 2002-2003 while architecting a secure XML gateway. We would like you to read this article to understand the importance of a security-first approach while interacting with users and systems, especially outside your enterprise boundary. … Read More

Sleep Better with Centralized API Security

Secure integration has become increasingly important over the past few years. As businesses rely more heavily on applications for conducting transactions and managing personal information, API security has become critically important. When it comes to application security, generally, there are … Read MoreRead More

Signer Groups and CRLs for API Security

In this tutorial, we will show how to enable and manage Signer Groups and CRLs rapidly for establishing APIs security using Forum Sentry API Gateway. … Read More

Buy vs. Build: Application Security Solutions

In the world of application security, there are numerous options in the marketplace for both buying and building. Purchasing a centralized API security solution isn’t cheap but it can be less expensive than building your own, depending on your situation. … Read MoreRead More