Forum Sentry did not require a patch for Heartbleed

Prevent the next Security Heartbreak:  Develop a long-term SSL processing strategy.

API Gateway
API Gateway

Centralized integration across channels, applications and infrastructure.

  • Extensive industry standards
  • Military grade security
  • Flexible deployment options

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Cloud Storage Controller
Cloud Storage Controller

Enable secure enterprise data storage across leading cloud providers.

  • Robust multi-cloud storage
  • Fine-grained security policies
  • Direct file system integration

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Secure Edge Caching
SSL Proxy

Eliminate your current load balancer SSL processing security risks.

  • Prevent Heartbleed 2.0
  • Eliminate OpenSSL code
  • Secure API performance

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Identity Management
Identity Management

Centralized access control using existing identity infrastructure for SSO.

  • Mobile, Portal, and SOA IDs
  • Unified OAuth and SAML
  • SSO Token Lifecycles

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