Forum Systems Delivers Industry-First Secure AMQP Proxy Capability

Forum Sentry is the Only Solution to Inspect and Broker Real-time Business Transactions Conducted via OASIS’ Open, Interoperable, Robust Messaging Standard

BOSTON, June 30, 2016 – Forum Systems Inc. today announced that Forum Sentry, its award-winning API Security Gateway, is the world’s first secure proxy technology to support the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) 1.0 standard. The only gateway to achieve NIST FIPS 140-2 and NIAP Network Device Protection Profile (NDPP) certification, Forum Sentry extends its leadership by establishing itself as the industry’s sole product to seamlessly secure and proxy AMQP messages as an in-line content inspection and information assurance intermediary.

Designed for security and reliability, AMQP removes the technical barriers to trade and connects – in real-time – hundreds of critical systems in banking and financial services, telecommunications, defense, transportation, smart grid, B2B and manufacturing, among other sectors. To date, more than 500 leading organizations leverage AMQP, including Deutsche Börse, JPMorgan, National Science Foundation, NASA, Red Hat, VMware, Google, Mozilla, AT&T and IBM.

Developed by the OASIS open standards consortium, AMQP provides a platform-agnostic method for ensuring business information is safely transported between applications, among organizations, within mobile infrastructures and across cloud computing environments. The protocol helps global organizations avoid the pitfalls inherent in proprietary technologies, offering a means to lower the cost of enterprise middleware software integrations through open interoperability and commoditization.

“In our increasingly cloud, IoT- and mobile-driven world, global businesses cannot afford to be beholden to proprietary protocols like JMS and other middleware that promote vendor lock-in,” said Mamoon Yunus, CEO of Forum Systems. “Capitalizing on open source, AMQP fuels significant cost savings reduces complexity and simplifies partner connectivity throughout the IT ecosystem. We are proud to deliver unmatched data security and support innovative, modern, versatile, standards-based protocols like AMQP that foster greater business agility.”

“As AMQP v1.0 has become the only ISO standard protocol for message-oriented middleware, I was extremely pleased that Forum, upon request, was happy to deliver a first in support for this protocol into their Sentry device,” said Mark Carter, a well-respected U.K. contractor for many enterprise businesses and government organizations. “I found Forum extremely quick to engage, clear and concise in the understanding of my customers’ needs and excellent in delivering on time to the commitments they made, and could not recommend them more highly as a technology ally.”

A technology innovator for more than 15 years, Forum Systems is the only vendor with secure AMQP proxy functionality built into in its API Security Gateway. This unique capability allows organizations to perform seamless in-line, deep-content inspection and validation assurance of AMQP communications – without requiring code changes or incurring additional capital expenditure costs.

Architected to optimize and simplify network architectures, Forum Sentry enables secure integration among legacy and modern system components. Purpose-built as a secure proxy, the award-winning product provides a centralized location for SSL processing and private key management, can be set up as a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) proxy and is frequently used as a secure replacement for Apache reverse proxies.

With its modern, scalable, “security-first” design, Forum Sentry combines content-aware cyber-security intrusion, data leakage prevention (DLP), antivirus, access control and PKI cryptography functionality. Notably, its advanced security and threat mitigation capabilities ensure protection against the “OWASP Top 10” list of most critical web application security risks.


About Forum Systems

Forum Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Crosscheck Networks, Inc., is the leader in API Security Management. Providing centralized security, identity and governance for SOA, REST and mobile communications, the Forum Sentry API Gateway enables enterprises to manage complex API access in an efficient, agile, highly secure manner. Processing more than 10 billion transactions per day worldwide, and architected on “security-first” design principles, Forum Sentry delivers unparalleled protection against HTML-, XML-, SOAP- and REST-based vulnerabilities. Forum Sentry is the industry’s only FIPS 140-2 and NIAP NDPP-certified API Gateway for enabling secure connectivity between users, applications, and the cloud. For more information, please visit


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