API Gateway

Forum Systems to Showcase Award-Winning API Gateway at AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium

Forum Systems announced today that it will be showcasing its award-winning API Gateway, Forum Sentry, at the 2015 AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium in Booth # 3014. Taking place June 16-18 at the Baltimore Convention Center, the event is designed … Read MoreRead More

OpenSSL Security Vulnerabilities and other C-based Risks

The latest Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160) is again a re-affirmation that usage of C-based security modules by an enterprise company greatly increases its risk posture. … Read More


Predictions from 2002-2003: Heartbleed = Criminal Negligence

Here is an archived document that Forum Systems published in 2002-2003 while architecting a secure XML gateway. We would like you to read this article to understand the importance of a security-first approach while interacting with users and systems, especially outside your enterprise boundary. … Read More

How to create a REST policy in Forum Sentry

In this tutorial, we will show how to create a REST policy in Forum Sentry. As an API gateway, Forum Sentry provides the ability to lockdown APIs generating XML and JSON traversing within and enterprise network. … Read More

How to Use OAuth for Enterprise Identity Management

The power and flexibility of OAuth in the social media sector has given enterprise companies an impetus to start adopting the OAuth standard for their cloud-based enterprise identity management.  A prime example of this adoption is based on a use … Read MoreRead More

Using HTTP Basic Auth for API Identity Management

APIs are proliferating corporate networks. Business owners seek APIs that solve their requirements regardless of whether the APIs are homegrown or provided by 3rd parties. For both cases — internal and external APIs — controls have to be enforced on who gets to use what API. This level of API control requires enabling Identity Management for APIs. … Read More

Sleep Better with Centralized API Security

Secure integration has become increasingly important over the past few years. As businesses rely more heavily on applications for conducting transactions and managing personal information, API security has become critically important. When it comes to application security, generally, there are … Read MoreRead More