HAMBS Selects Forum Systems as Cornerstone of Infrastructure Modernization Initiative

Creator and Provider of the Hospital and Medical Benefits System Picks Forum Sentry API Gateway to Ensure Agile, Secure Access for its Customers and Partners Forum Systems Inc. today announced that HAMBS, a provider of software development and hosting services … Read MoreRead More

SAML Or OAuth – Which Is Best For Your Organization?

A couple of years ago if you asked Americans about cloud computing, half would tell you that stormy weather could interfere with cloud computing. Despite not understanding what cloud computing was, 97 percent were using some form of it and … Read MoreRead More

How to Use OAuth to Integrate with Public Cloud Services

Traditionally, consumer internet companies have been the dominant users of public cloud services. Now enterprise customers, who initially had strong reservations about public cloud services are integrating their applications with those services. Enterprise applications such as databases, CRMs (Customer Resource … Read MoreRead More

How to Use OAuth for Enterprise Identity Management

The power and flexibility of OAuth in the social media sector has given enterprise companies an impetus to start adopting the OAuth standard for their cloud-based enterprise identity management.  A prime example of this adoption is based on a use … Read MoreRead More

Introduction to OAuth

OAuth is an open standard for authorizing access to specific applications and data within a server on behalf of the application owner.  The basic model of authentication between a client and an application has evolved to keep up with the demands … Read MoreRead More