Forum Sentry

Four Pillars of API Security

API Security is complex! Vendors like Forum Systems, IBM, CA and Axway have invested almost 2 decades of engineering effort and significant capital in building API Security stacks to lockdown APIs. The API Security stack diagram shown below is essential … Read MoreRead More

Forum Systems Drives Secure Enterprise-to-Cloud Integration with Industry-first Google Analytics, Policy and Identity Capabilities

New Features Advance State-of-the-Art in API Security Management BOSTON, December 8, 2015 – Forum Systems Inc. today announced significant enhancements to its flagship Forum Sentry API Gateway that enable enterprises to achieve seamless, secure integration with multiple cloud providers while … Read MoreRead More

Leading European Analyst Firm Recommends Forum Systems for Companies with Long-term API Strategies

KuppingerCole Deems Forum Sentry Worthy of “Evaluation by Any Organization Looking for the Highest Grade of Security and Reliability” Forum Systems Inc. announced today that leading European analyst firm KuppingerCole has recommended the company’s award-winning Forum Sentry, stating the API … Read MoreRead More

Forum Sentry Tutorial – How to Install ClamAV

The Forum Sentry hardware version comes preloaded with certain features that software versions do not. One of these is Antivirus. The Sentry supports ICAP AV interface to any anti-virus vendor that supports ICAP. The Sentry also offers ClamAV, an open source alternate that utilizes pattern recognition. … Read More

Forum Sentry Tutorial – How to Install Forum Sentry Software

For this tutorial, we will go through installing the Sentry on 32Bit CentOS machine, which is actually running as a VirtualBox on 64 Bit Ubuntu Machine. This example shows both Native Linux installation and how to create your own corporate Virtual Image vs utilizing Forum Systems Virtual Image. … Read More