Online LDAP Test Server

LDAP severs are a key infrastructure component required to enable access control for APIs. We have provided a LDAP server with a few entries with which you can test your LDAP connectivity, binding and user credential authentication. … Read More

Cloud(ed) Judgment: OneLogin’s Breach Continues to Fuel the Security Debate

When it comes to the next big data breach, it’s never a matter of if, but a discussion of when. This time, the target was identity and access management firm OneLogin, which recently shut down its U.S. data center due … Read MoreRead More

How to setup SFTP through Forum Sentry

In our first SFTP blog, we reviewed the history of SFTP and some of the benefits of using Forum Sentry as an SFTP Proxy. There are many authentication methods but most implementations utilize basic authentication (username/password) or public key authentication. … Read More

Overview of SFTP and the benefits of SFTP through Forum Sentry

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is no longer an option for secure file transfers, it’s now a requirement. … Read More

Simple Steps for Securing Browser Traffic through Forum Sentry

Many Forum Sentry use cases involve proxying (forward or reverse) browser based (HTML, JavaScript, etc) data through the Sentry API Gateway. These use cases often involve secure SSL Termination, Single Sign On (SSO) for web portals as well as security … Read More

Forum Sentry Tutorial: REST-to-SOAP Conversion

REST-to-SOAP conversion is a common use case for the Forum Sentry API Gateway and can be easily configured with Forum Sentry’s point-and-click interface. Coding or XLST is not required to enable this conversion.  … Read More

How to generate a key pair on Mac OS X

In this tutorial, you will learn how to generate keys on a Mac OSX system. The keys generated here are for testing purposes only and are self-signed. The public certificate generated can then be used for SSL Mutual Authentication to Forum Sentry. … Read More

How to create a REST policy in Forum Sentry

In this tutorial, we will show how to create a REST policy in Forum Sentry. As an API gateway, Forum Sentry provides the ability to lockdown APIs generating XML and JSON traversing within and enterprise network. … Read More

NFS to Amazon S3 using Forum Sentry Cloud Controller

Forum Sentry Cloud Controller offers a robust NFS listener than enables NFS clients to move files to Amazon S3 and other cloud providers. Whether you need to rotate your log files, backup your customer database, or just scale out to infinite storage in the cloud, Forum Sentry Cloud Controller provides you with the highest access control and encryption functionality to bridge data movement from your application servers. … Read More

Forum Sentry Tutorial – How to Install ClamAV

The Forum Sentry hardware version comes preloaded with certain features that software versions do not. One of these is Antivirus. The Sentry supports ICAP AV interface to any anti-virus vendor that supports ICAP. The Sentry also offers ClamAV, an open source alternate that utilizes pattern recognition. … Read More